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How To Keep Mind fresh By Using Icebreakers

Ice breaker is the boat or ship designed especially for the purpose of breaking hard ice in order to clear the path covered  by ice to travel from one place to another without any obstacles. The common difference between  icebreaker ship and normal ship is, ice breaking ship contains strong hull, different front shape to clear the ice and power to push itself in the sea layer. It is most required for the ship to move on to the next stage by fighting against obstacles (ice).

Likewise, there are some activities which help people to fresh up and get relaxed from their hardest works. Hence it adopts the name ice breaking games or activities in the academic field. This helps students to energize their mind and also the faculty to move class in interactive and efficient way. This can be played with young age groups ,corporate teams, school students and as social events. Through these activities, lots of advantages are there: 
  • It fresh the mind
  • Helps to know each other in a team (if team activity is played)
  • Improve tackling skill
  • Provide unity among team members
  • Improve listening ability
  • Helps to remove stage fear
  • Remove language fear
  • Provide active practical learning
  • Used to know different views of people for a same problem (helps to find easy solution at a short period)
  • Time management
But the person who is organizing this ice breaker must be careful in time management and classroom management. Because there may be a chance for controversy action among the crowd. Hence the organizer should have very good tackling skill.
The following are some ice breaking exercises.

Ice Breakers for School Level

It is more essential to conduct games in classrooms to make the students interact with each other ans make them active in classes. It improves the presence of mind and take the students away from any pressure and sleepy mood. 

This is the important thing which make them to present in the periodic class without boring.  Some of the fun games to make them fresh and helps in realizing their interest and talents are given as exercise are given below.

“The teacher who fully understand each of their student’s talents, they are the good inspiration for them”

So, this helps the teachers also to to become a good inspiration and favorite teacher for all students.

Why icebreakers for kids?

The old method of teaching provides boring and pressure environment for the students So, all hate school and studies. 

But, In new method of teaching, teachers included the innovative type of education and way to convey the information in funny way. Hence while all students can grasp the opportunity and get the knowledge in lovely manner.

It includes the idea sharing, classroom activities, small group project works and so on.

Exercise 1: Alphabet Tracking

How to play?

Step 1: Split the group of students into pairs.

Step 2: Then call one student say “A” and secretly say Mr. A any of the alphabet. Tell Mr. A to write that alphabet at back of the student say “B”.

Step 3: Make a time limit of two minutes. Now, ask Mr. B to guess that letter and say louder. If Mr. B guess that letter within given time period. This is the end of this game.


It seems, Mr. A and B having good understanding and Mr. B has concentrated very well. 

Exercise 2: Picture Connection

How to play?

Step 1: Spilt the group of students into four per team.

Step 2: Have some pictures or objects with you which used as clue to find the word.

                                      E.g.:- The clue for “come on” is 

Step 3: Then show them and instruct them to connect these pictures to find that secret word.

Step 4: Repeat this game to all teams with different pictures.


Through this activity, students are able to know different words in fun way. And also by connecting this pictures they can also improve their thinking ability.

Who can play this?

This can be played by students from Standard V to VIII.

Exercise 3: Story Building

This exercise is mainly for the age group 15 years to 22 years. It improves the lateral thinking and getting various ideas from the various group. This skill can be helpful in corporate and industries to bring different solution for the same problem. Then the best solution can be choose for that problem.

How to play?

Step 1: Collect some pictures for building the story. The collection of images are given above Fig 1 to Fig 4.

Step 2: Separate the group into 4 or 5 members per team and show the pictures.

Step 3: Give them time of 5 minutes for preparation and discussion.

Step 4: Then, ask them to tell the story or to act it. 

Step 5: Then say audience to ask them queries. 

The query may be like: 

[1] What is the title for this story?
[2] How many characters are involved in this story?

For example: From my view, The story formed from above pictures is: 

One day, the kids who are all studying in XXX School, YYY are leaving from school. In the way, they are watching the garden and near to that garden one forest is there. They are planning to play in garden for some time. So, all are going inside the garden for playing.. And there, they are watching that the garden is filled with lots of dust, dry leaves, plastic bottles and small flowers. Hence, they are thinking to clean the garden and to play. 

After cleaning it, they are starting to go home. There they found that one boy among them is missing. (He is very interested in photography. So, he go deep inside of forest with his camera).  

Then, all his friends are going inside of forest to find him. While they reached their friend, he is taking photography of baby elephant which is standing near to the lake and drinking water. The baby elephant’s leg is slipped and it fell into the lake. The boy and his friends save the elephant. Then the elephant and kids are become friends.

Moral: “Even the child have the humanity”.  


This ice breaker is used to improve the team work, and while questioning by audience it helps to increase the listening ability of all the group members.

Exercise 4: Clue Collection

How to play?

Say some theme to the individual and ask them to find pictures or list of pictures to express the theme. Select the picture which is showing the theme in simple and crispy way. 

For Example: Water Pollution

Inference from the picture: it shows the sufferings of aquatic animals due to water pollution. They their self taking steps to clear it. So, as human being we must have sense to stop polluting water.

Moral: Holding our hands to start cleaning our street. It makes our world green.